Monday, June 9, 2014


I've been thinking a lot lately about the theory of non-attachment. The idea is to release your hold on things that you think you need or that you think define you and examine what remains. 

Working toward non- attachment can apply to a lot of things. Some of them include: 

A particular outcome
A story that spins around - and around - and around in your head, making you think that's who you are
An identity (the smart one, the shy one, the good girl, the wild one, the career woman, the misfit, insert others here)
Material possessions 
An ailment (maybe you, or maybe someone you know, has a strong attachment to identifying themselves with an illness or physical problem. They bring it up all the time and cling to it as if that's what makes them special instead of knowing the deep dark secret that they're already special whether or not they celebrate whatever they think is wrong with them)
A job
An escape
Relationships (this doesn't mean you should let go of your relationships. It means detach from the idea that your relationship to a particular person defines you) 

Once you detach, what remains?
Maybe therein lies the answer to a great cosmic mystery. The higher self? Pure love? Divine light? 

A thought: what you think you need is what holds you back.

I am not:
My job
My bank account
My degrees
My divorce 
My passport stamps
My hair/body/image
My stories of woe
My stories of triumph
My scars

I am:
A child of God
A divine blessing
The universe experiencing itself
Made of stars *

*look it up. It's amazing.

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